Thursday, October 06, 2016

October Theater Openings for your pleasure

Don Darryl Rivera returns home (from starring for years on Broadway in Aladdin as Iago) to the 5th Avenue Theatre for Man of La Mancha (courtesy 5th Avenue)

October productions are fraught with big emotion. Catharsis awaits along with mystery and suspense. See what October has to offer. Note world premiere plays by locals Karen Hartman and Courtney Meaker are on tap.

Man of La Mancha, 5th Avenue Theatre, 10/7-30/16
Local performer turned Aladdin’s Broadway Iago, Don Darryl Rivera, returns to perform in a multi-ethnic production of this classic musical. Inspired by one of the greatest novels in Western literature, Man of La Mancha enters the mind and world of the mad knight Don Quixote as he pursues his quest for the impossible dream. In a tale told by Author Cervantes himself, Quixote is against all odds, a man who sees good and innocence in a world filled with darkness and despair.

Red Rover, Red Rover Theatre Company, 10/6-15/16 (at the Slate)
It’s 1983 and 30-year-old Dennis is selling a car he's had since high school. He invites three friends for one last night of cruising around. The play covers one night as they hit three of their old haunts in Dennis' decaying convertible. Can friends of friends get along? Not always.

Moon Over Buffalo, Phoenix Theatre, 10/7-30/16
A fading star couple of the 1950s are on the brink of a disastrous break up due to George’s infatuation with a young ingĂ©nue. But they find out Frank Capra is coming to town. If he likes their act, he might cast them in his new movie. Everything that can go wrong does go wrong due to their daughter’s clueless fiancĂ© and uncertainty about which play they’re performing.

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, Seattle Children’s Theatre, 10/13/16-12/11/16 (ages 6+)
C.S. Lewis' magical, timeless classic from his Chronicles of Narnia series is one of SCT’s most beloved productions of all time. When Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy Pevensie arrive at the English countryside during the Second World War, they discover an enchanted wardrobe that spirits them away to the land of Narnia, where they find talking animals, mythical creatures, grand adventure, and a great quest awaiting them. No one is prepared, however, for a shocking betrayal that leads to one of the greatest battles of Good and Evil in children’s literature.

The God Game, Taproot Theatre, 10/13-29/16
Tom is the ideal vice-presidential candidate except for one question … can he fake his religion? His friend Matt says yes. His wife Lisa says no. On a hot afternoon in Virginia three life-long friends fight over faith, politics, integrity, and a decision that will change their lives.

Roz and Ray, Seattle Repertory Theatre, 10/14/16-11/13/16 (Co-World Premiere with Victory Gardens Theater, Chicago)
In 1976, Ray, a single parent of twin hemophiliac boys, and Roz, their doctor, share a single goal: keep his sons alive. Dr. Roz offers her young patients the revolutionary and lifesaving Factor 8. She appears to be the family's savior, until the miracle cure goes badly wrong. Roz and Ray explores a compelling yet often forgotten chapter of American medical history through an intimate story of trust and sacrifice between a father and his children's beloved doctor. Local playwright Karen Hartman’s play, directed by Chicago’s Chay Yew.

Medea, Seattle Shakespeare Company, 10/18/16-11/13/16
Wife. Mother. Exile. Medea abandons her home and country for Jason, the man she loves. When he discards her and their children for a new bride, the blow strikes deep into Medea’s heart. She transforms into concentrated white hot fury. Love smolders to hate then burns to revenge, driving her to savage acts. With their children caught in the crossfire, Medea scorches everything around her.

Murder Ballad, Sidecountry Theatre, 10/19/16-11/12/16 (at West of Lenin)
Murder Ballad, directed by Billie Wildrick, is a one-act, rock musical about a love triangle gone wrong. Sara, an uptown woman who seems to have it all, has a downtown past which lingers. The title is taken from the phrase “murder ballad,” a type of song that describes the details of a crime, from the murderer to the motive to the act itself. Written by two women (unusual for musicals). Award winner Julia Jordan writes the book and lyrics, and music and lyrics by Juliana Nash.

Mechanics of Love, SiS Productions, 10/19/16-11/5/16 (at Theatre Off Jackson)
What do a ballerina with an artificial spine, a highly organized and fashionable wife, a mechanic who wants it all, and a man who forgets everything, all have in common? Love! Set in a mythical European city, this modern-day fairytale is a wonderfully wacky metaphor for love in all its magical, mystical glory.

Dangerous Liaisons, ACT Theatre, 10/21/16-11/20/16
In the extravagant days before the French Revolution, the unimaginable wealth of the Parisian elite breeds a dangerous boredom. Two cynical aristocrats and former lovers launch a dangerous game of seduction, revenge, and erotic one-upmanship. But this calculating battle spins out of control when the stakes become higher than the players ever imagined.

Shenandoah, Showtunes Theatre Company, 10/22-23/16 (at ACT Theatre)
Based on the classic 1965 film starring Jimmy Stewart, this often overlooked musical is set during the Civil War. Centered on one family's struggles during wartime, this timeless story explores gender stereotypes and complex moral issues during the most brutal war in American history. Gender-blind casting sets the tone for a powerful concert version of this classic, starring local favorite Anne Allgood as Charlie (a role traditionally played by a male).

The Big Meal, New Century Theatre Company, 10/27/16-11/19/16 (at 12th Avenue Arts)
Somewhere in America, in a typical suburban restaurant on a typical night, Sam and Nicole first meet. Sparks fly. And so begins an expansive tale that traverses five generations of a modern family, from first kiss to final goodbye. A stunning, big-hearted play that spans nearly eighty years in roughly ninety minutes, The Big Meal tells the extraordinary story of an ordinary family.

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, Seattle Musical Theatre, 10/28/16-11/20/16
Sweeney Todd is the story of the obsessive and vengeful barber Benjamin Barker and his partnership with the outrageous meat-pie maker Mrs. Lovett who together devise a devilish plot to add a special ingredient to the recipe that has all of London dying for their pies.

The Lost Girls, Annex Theatre, 10/28/16-11/19/16
At an all-girls summer camp, five recent college grads are charged with keeping a slew of hormonal teenagers alive. Saddled with crippling student loans and paid a pitiful stipend for ninety-one days of babysitting, the counselors forego their actual work to have one last hurrah before adulthood kicks in. But when campers start to disappear, the party is over. Our heroes turn to a mysterious teen who seems to have the answers… but will they solve the puzzle in time to escape? A new horror-comedy from local playwright Courtney Meaker about privilege, purpose, feminism, and fear.

The Pride, Theatre22, 10/28/16-11/19/16 (at 12th Avenue Arts)
Two explosive love stories in alternating eras exploring betrayal, forgiveness, and fate. The Pride examines changing attitudes to sexuality over a period of 50 years, looking at intimacy, identity and the courage it takes to be who you really are. Some things may change but the complexities of the human heart remain eternal.