Monday, November 16, 2015

Review: Do you want a musical with your brunch? Mama Tits has it for you!

Mimosas with Mama
(at The Unicorn)

Mama Tits is a bossy, bitchy, big bombshell of a drag queen. If that description sets your teeth on edge, you probably won’t want to go to her Mimosas with Mama Sunday Brunch at The Unicorn! However, there are probably some good reasons for her ordering the crowd around and some of them might be mimosas!

If you’re going to have a boozy brunch, you might want to make sure those freely imbibing frequent flyers (it appears that many people like to attend frequently) stay in line and don’t bug the performers overly much, or cause any safety issues. And if you follow the rules, you’re bound to have fun with Mama and her cohort of faux chanteuses.

The show has two sections. The beginning is some all-around fun lip-syncing to fun songs generally suited to each member of team, introducing her to the audience. In December, when Mimosas expands to Saturdays as well, you can expect a bunch of holiday favorites, playing to the season.

The second part is a mini-musical that Mama began creating with help a few years ago. Currently showing is a very well-done version of Little Shop of Horrors. While it is only a half-hour version, generally a cut down of the movie musical, it tells the whole story pretty well, and has some kick ass costuming (by Pete Rush). Tipsy Rose Lee does the choreography, which is fun to watch.

The mini-musical is the part that sets the production apart. It’s fun to see them take it on and perform it as fully as they commit to. I understand that they started out with pretty cheap technical supports, and they are now putting some real muscle into making the scenery and costuming stand up and say, “hi!”

Little Shop will run through the month of December. Next year’s offering will be Hairspray, the first mini-musical they tried. But this time, they are updating their tech, so if you saw it before, you may well want to see it again, Bombshell-style.