Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Oh, the Horror! Rocky lands at SMT for only Two Weeks!

Nathan Brockett as Riff Raff and Stephanie L. Graham as Magenta
in The Rocky Horror Show (Steven Fogell)

The Rocky Horror Show
Seattle Musical Theatre
October 9-18, 2014

Seattle Musical Theatre celebrates the 40th anniversary of the iconic musical, The Rocky Horror Show, starting tomorrow, October 9 through October 18. This production boasts a steampunk/circus atmosphere helmed by Steven Fogell.

Another special feature, though one that is destined to be a surprise, is the inclusion of comedy mavens Lisa Koch and Peggy Platt, also known as Dos Fallopia, and the creators of the annual Ham for the Holidays sketch series, upcoming at ACT Theatre around Thanksgiving. Koch and Platt will not play characters written into the script, but will add to the outrageous atmosphere (some mysterious way)!

The cast includes Joel Domencio as Frank-N-Furter, Claudine Mboligikpelani Nako as Janet, Garrett Dill as Brad, Nathan Brockett as Riff Raff, Stephanie L. Graham as Magenta, Sophia Franzella as Columbia, Paul Bryan as Dr. Everett V. Scott, Hisam Goueli as Rocky, Mandy Rose Nichols as Eddie, and an ensemble of Transylvanians: Ellen Dessler, Brynne Geiszler, Elizabeth Grant, Allyson Jacobs-Lake, Dustyn Moir, Amanda Mae Norman, Heather Refvem, Larissa Schmitz, and Alex Ung.

Music directing is by veteran Kim Dare. The creative team also includes choreographer Gerard Theoret, light and sound design by Caleb Dietzel, costumes and sets by Steven Fogell.

The musical debuted in 1973 and then was made into a movie in 1975 which has never stopped running somewhere in theaters, often at midnight, and after a cadre of fans developed actions such as telling the characters what to watch out for, holding newspapers overhead during the rain storm, throwing rice at the wedding party, the experience of this musical is like nothing else you can think of. While those activities are not encouraged during a real stage show, inevitably some audience members may pitch in to the festivities.

For the Rocky-impaired, conservative 1960s couple, Brad and Janet, have some car trouble and are forced to seek refuge in the gothic castle of the transvestite mad scientist Dr. Frank-N-Furter. Upon their arrival, Frank-N-Furter and his kooky and bizarre staff of Transylvanians open up the couple’s minds in ways they never imagined. The musical’s rock’n’roll score includes hits such as “Time Warp,” “Sweet Transvestite,” “Dammit Janet,” “Over at the Frankenstein Place,” “Toucha Toucha Toucha Touch Me,” and more.

More information is at or or call 800-838-3006.

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