Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Hammiest Show in Town strikes again!

Peggy Platt, Michael Oaks, and Lisa Koch in the Womb (Chris Bennion)

ACT Theatre
Through December 21

Every year at this time, those who know funny know to get their asses to wherever Ham for the Holidays will be performed. They know they will grin from beginning to end and laugh almost constantly. They know that they will leave feeling joy at the smart, talented crew and the amazingly punny and astute writing. They know their jaws will hurt.

Every year is different, though there are some reliable old friends to visit, such as the tiny Sequim Gay Men’s Chorus directed by Kenneth Dolman, and probably a “play” written by Mama Euomi Spudd to perform with her daughter Wynotta, who almost surprisingly never quite quits the act.

This year, at the comfortable environs of ACT Theatre, Fear the Bacon not only doesn’t disappoint, it even raises the bar a notch further in funny. You’ll visit The Waiting Womb, your local gynecology juice bar and spa! Where Dr. Dan plays the piano before your appointment and Nurse Julie sings about mammograms and vaginas. This year, you’ll play a game show (there is invariably a game show) called “What the Heck’s a Puget?” and watch Euomi’s take on the prequel to the Passion Play: Saturday Night Jesus!

You’ll get to see more of Lisa Koch’s amazing internet video finds – performances that are so bad they’re great! See Zsa Zsa Gabor demonstrate (sort of) what made her famous. Who? Never mind. It’s really hard, sometimes, to recap something and not feel like you’re giving away spoilers, but a brief description in an article really, REALLY does not equate the experience. I’m just hoping that giving you a taste of the hilarity will convince you that you’ve got to get down there and see it, feel it for yourself.

The main geniuses behind Ham are Lisa Koch and Peggy Platt. Lisa, besides having a sophisticated funnybone, also is an accomplished composer and musician, and writes all the parody lyrics. Man, I’d like to stand around for a few days inside her brain to watch it work! Peggy is a well-known comedian and performer apart from her duo with Lisa, Dos Fallopia, and does dead-pan better’n anyone.

Their perennial band includes D.J. Gommels, who does a lot of keyboarding along with various characters, and Michael Oaks, who also inhabits all kinds of people. Usually directed by Lisa’s brother, David Koch, the reliability of the company means everything falls into place seamlessly. Comments on opening night were often, “This is opening night? I had no idea!”

This year, an engaging presence is added to their fun. James Knoll helps fill out some hilarious bits with a mostly silent presence, but that doesn’t mean he makes a small impact. His Angel in Mama Spudd’s Jesus skit is something to behold.

Helping everyone look the part with costuming that is perfect for each character is Candace Frank. Lights and sets this year are by Robert J. Aguilar, and sound is handled by Lisa, also. I haven’t mentioned the team of aging superheroes you’ll meet this year, but their costuming is hilarious.

If you’re a regular, you know you’ve got to get your tickets because they might sell out. If you’ve never been, it’s time you find out why people become regulars!

For more information, call 206-292-7676 or go to
Peggy as Mary, and D.J. as Tony "G"....gotta see it to find out who he is! (Chris Bennion)

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