Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Your holiday "Ham" is here!

The Colonel and Shenille (Lisa Koch and Peggy Platt) in Ham for the Holidays (photo by Chris Bennion)
Ham for the Holidays: Who’s Afraid of Virginia Ham?
Tongueinchic Productions
(at ACT Theatre)
Through December 20, 2015

I’m going to put a suggestion in the box for Lisa Koch and Peggy Platt to develop another regularly scheduled show during the year, maybe for Summer Solstice! Because once a year is simply not enough to enjoy their unique minds and amazing comedy. But so far, all we have is the Christmas time offering of Ham for the Holidays.

The current sketch night is subtitled Who’s Afraid of Virginia Ham? I don’t think the title has much to do with any given year’s sketches, but it’s part of the pun.

This year, we get the return of the Colonel and Shenille, as they sing along the Duwamish and point out the sights, such as they are. Be warned that, while the barge is billed as a casino and bar, they’re so new that they’ve yet to procure either the gambling license or the liquor license, but chug along they go! (Platt’s costume here is one of the funniest ever!)

A brief presentation of the new bingeable tv show, Three’s Custody, combines the sensibility of Orange is the New Black and Three’s Company. More please!

The annual game show, this year Presidential Family Feud, features presidential-contender family members, including Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Maryanne Trump Barry (a Circuit Court Judge). The idea is good, though the execution is a bit lacking in this sketch, but it’s the fun audience participation time, where you can win prizes and be teased.

A perennial presence in the show, the Sequim Gay Men’s Chorus, led by Kenneth Dolman, touted a new land development they’re building called Peninsula Housing For Aging Gays (PHFAG). You can buy a piece of it now, though electricity is not yet included! Don’t miss their Beatles medley in only the way the SGMC can do it!

The rest of the evening is filled with the usual video clips that make you scratch your head and wonder who the hell actually produces these things, and a visit by the Slam Poet, a lovely Moment with Lisa, and the new extravaganza by Mama Euomi Spudd where she steals Doctor Suess and inserts herself into How the Bitch Stole Christmas! Mama never fails to pervert some iconic story or other…

The show seems to grow just a little bit each year, and veterans D.J. Gommels and Michael Oaks are joined by Joel Domenico (last year’s addition who really rocks the house) and Abbey Drake. Domenico is eye-candy for both men and women, and gets a chance to show off some killer pipes.

Don’t miss this holiday favorite and put it on your calendar as an annual treat. And here’s hoping Koch and Platt decide that they, too, would like to skewer more holidays than just Christmas in the near future!

For more information, go to or call 206-292-7676. 

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