Saturday, February 13, 2016

"Julia" at On the Boards - TRY to fit it in - Beautiful, hard to describe

adapted from Miss Julie by August Strindberg, and directed, by Christiane Jatahy
performed by Julia Bernat and Rodrigo dos Santos

(In Portuguese and subtitles)

Tonight 2/13 at 8pm, tomorrow 2/14 at 5pm

This film/stage, screen/live offering is a powerful experience as Jatahy dances on the edges of film versus live, stage versus screen, private versus public, and many other aspects. She has been working on this piece since 2011 with the same actors. This allows tremendous risk and vulnerability from these seasoned performers, and they are asked to take full advantage of that (with a live sex scene, more viceral than most but on-screen!) and a physical intimacy that is almost too much to bear.

You will be glad you saw this. I project that you will remember this piece for a long, long time.

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