Wednesday, February 01, 2017

February Theater Openings in Seattle

Room Service at Taproot Theatre (Erik Stuhaug)
February continues 2017’s eclectic offerings on Seattle stages from classic comedy or musical to new work. Take a look at what’s opening next month.

Room Service, Taproot Theatre, 2/1/17-3/4/17
Madcap mishaps and little lies take on lives of their own as a theatrical troupe chases their dream of Broadway. Or Off-Broadway. Make that Off-Off-Broadway. This hit comedy inspired a Marx Brothers classic film!

Storyville Rising, Seattle Immersive Theatre, 2/2/17-2/25/17 (21+)
Seattle Immersive Theatre teams up with System D Artists to present Storyville Rising, a fully-immersive theater/cabaret experience which recreates Storyville, the infamous “red-light” district in New Orleans, from 1897-1917. This production is an exploration of sex, race, power and privilege in Reconstruction-era America, told through theater, historical narrative, live music, transgressive burlesque and cabaret. Original text, as well as transcripts and interviews, tell the story of the habitu├ęs of Storyville and the forces of “polite society” that sought to shut it down.

When Love Speaks, Thalias Umbrella, 2/9/17-2/25/17 (at Taproot Theatre)
When Love Speaks is a sizzling hot verse play by David Wright, with an assist from his buddies Will Shakespeare, Mighty Chris Marlowe, "The Benster" Jonson, Queen Elizabeth (the First, of course), and many other wanton wordsmiths. Four people meet at a resort at the edge of the world. They fall in and out of love, woo and argue . . . all while speaking some of the best (and some of the worst!) love poetry ever written.

The Pajama Game, 5th Avenue Theatre, 2/9/17-3/5/17 (open 2/16)
Seattle sweetheart Billie Wildrick stars as Katherine "Babe" Williams in this Broadway hit making its 5th Avenue debut. A labor furor over a 7 ½ cent pay raise at a pajama plant complicates the course of true love for Sid Sorokin, the new factory superintendent, and Babe Williams, the feisty firebrand heading the Union Grievance Committee. The show that defined Fosse style with seductive dance numbers like “Steam Heat” and “Hernando’s Hideaway,” this critically acclaimed musical won three Tony Awards including Best Choreography and Best Musical when it opened in 1954.

Well, Seattle Repertory Theatre, 2/10/17-3/5/17 (open 2/14)
Sarah Rudinoff stars as playwright Lisa Kron in her not-an-autobiography about not-her-mother. Why do some people stay sick while others become well? And where do we find the road to recovery? Kron takes us on a surprising and complicated journey exploring these questions in this acclaimed comedy – which is not about her mom.

The Last Romance, Phoenix Theatre, 2/10/17-3/5/17
Joe DiPietro’s play about an ordinary day in Ralph’s life when he decides to take a different direction on a walk. Meeting an elegant but distant Carol, Ralph tries to regain happiness he thought he lost when his wife passed away. Heartwarming comedy.

Scary Mary and the Nightmares Nine, Annex Theatre, 2/10/17-3/4/17
Playwright Amy Escobar debuts a new work. When a drop of Mary’s blood falls down to the center of the Earth, something Evil and Ancient wakes up in the shadows, and now the Hellish Horrors of the Dark have a taste for her. Mary must go on an epic quest through nine different nightmares to make a potion to put The Slither back to sleep and save her soul from its nasty gnashing teeth. A fairy tale that creeps, crawls, and catapults its way through the bizarre landscape of the imagination as Mary fights for her very life amidst the ever-encroaching darkness.

Waning, Annex Theatre, 2/14/17-3/1/17 (Tue/Wed)
Kamaria Hallums-Harris also debuts a new work. At 17, Luna is coming to terms with the harsh reality of what it means to be a young, black, queer woman in America. It’s hard to find the words to claim her identity and to claim her right to love and be loved. Dance, discovery, and dark truths show that the words on the pages of history books are nothing compared to weight of reality.

Bright Half Life, New Century Theatre Company and Hansberry Project, 2/15/17-3/11/17
Time stops when you meet the love of your life. Vicky and Erica are catapulted through a lifetime of love and heartbreak as they navigate an ever-shifting present. Through courtship, children, marriage, conflict, and the whisper of mortality, this kaleidoscopic journey is a depiction of the fortitude and courage it takes to fight for love.

Little Women, Seattle Musical Theatre, 2/17/17-3/20/17
Louisa May Alcott’s timeless, captivating story is brought to life in this exhilarating musical filled with beautiful music, dancing and heart. Follow the adventures of sisters Jo, Meg, Beth, and Amy March as they grow up in Civil War America and deftly handle challenges, heartache, everlasting love and fight for their dreams as they deal with issues still relevant today.

Into the West, Seattle Children’s Theatre, 2/23/17-3/19/17 (ages 9+)
From the coast of  Ireland comes the spellbinding tale of two siblings and a white horse called Tir Na n'Og. Ally and Fin are children of Travelers living with their Pa, when the mysterious, otherworldly horse comes to them from the sea, filling their lives (and tiny flat) with and trouble. Soon police are at the door to take Tir Na n'Og away, but not even the law can keep these children from their magnificent horse. Fearless as cowboys, Ally and Fin escape into the west in this lively, suspenseful drama about love, loss and bravery, where they learn that the greatest journeys in life take us beyond all imagination and into our hearts.

Defying Expectations - a Showtunes Cabaret, Showtunes! Theatre Company, 2/25, 26, 27/17 (at ACT Theatre)
A talented cast of six singers  interpret songs and stories of people overcoming the lines in society that divide us. In addition, the cast will be challenged to defy their own personal expectations as performers. Hear your favorite show tunes in a fresh way by Seattle's top professional talent. (At press time, cast unknown.)

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