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November Theater Openings - Plenty of Entertainment

Leads in Holiday Inn at 5th Avenue Theatre (Mark Kitaoka)
You can tell it is holiday season when theatrical productions starting having a lot of holiday content in them. There is lots of music to be had this month and a couple of very-much anticipated dramas that hit the local boards. Check these out:

The Inappropriate Suitor, Ghost Light Theatricals, 11/3-18/17
Ghost Light presents a classic “us against the world” love story about a wild boarding school girl and a city boy, and the strange and oppressive world around them. Inspired by German Expressionism, boarding school gothic, and Medieval super-science, The Inappropriate Suitor is a show that will appeal to fans of melodrama, old New York, Tim Burton, doppelgangers, and ice skating.

Teatro Zinzanni, 11/1/17-4/29/17 (official opening 11/9/17) (at Marymoor Park)
It's opening night of the new Teatro ZinZanni, and the staff anxiously awaits the arrival of a world-renowned restaurant critic.  They are trying to put their best foot forward, without stepping on each other's toes! Getting swept up in the madness is the magical Maître d', who has staffed his restaurant with mechanical waitresses, chefs that defy gravity, and an amorous busboy who has finally met his match. With an aim to impress, the crew literally bends over backwards to give this critic the experience of a lifetime.

Disney’s Newsies The Musical, Village Theatre, Issaquah: 11/9/17-12/31/17, Everett: 1/5-28/18
"Seize the Day" with the paperboys of New York as they become the newspaper headlines. The Tony Award-winning and Grammy-nominated musical is full of classic Disney magic. Based on the true events of the Newsboys Strike of 1899, this cult Disney movie-musical favorite takes life on stage as a crew of underdog newsies become unlikely heroes when they stand up for what’s right in a high-energy explosion of song, dance, and theatricality. Expect epic choreography.

Mr. Popper’s Penguins, Seattle Children’s Theatre, 11/9/17-12/31/17 (ages 4+)
Vaudevillian song and dance numbers, imaginative storytelling, puppetry and charming music tell the story of a troupe of extraordinary Antarctic penguins who flock into Mr. and Mrs. Popper’s lives and warm the hearts of their sleepy English town. Families will adore this toe-tapping adventure, Mr. and Mrs. Popper are an ordinary couple in an ordinary English town…until some extraordinary Antarctic penguins come to stay!

Steel, Theatre Orbis, 11/10-26/17 (at Erickson Theatre) (world premiere)
Steel, a new play by playwright Chris Fisher, explores how a suburban New Jersey family, safe from the problems of the world, is suddenly thrust—as so many families were-- into the chaos and violence of September 11, 2001.  The collapse of the Twin Towers is an event that wounds so deeply, only profound silence lies in its wake as the family shields their young son, Walker, from the pain and secrets exposed on that day.  But as he comes of age, Walker’s questions break the silence that has torn his family, and community, apart.

The Humans, Seattle Repertory Theatre, 11/17/17-12/17/17 
This was Broadway’s most-honored play of 2016. The national tour, directed by Joe Mantello, starts in Seattle before going to The Kennedy Center and on and will star Richard Thomas as Erik, Pamela Reed as Deirdre, and Daisy Eagan as Brigid. Breaking with tradition, Erik Blake has brought his Pennsylvania family to celebrate Thanksgiving at his daughter's apartment in Lower Manhattan. As darkness falls outside the ramshackle pre-war duplex and eerie things start to go bump in the night, the Blake clan's deepest fears and greatest follies are laid bare. Our modern age of anxiety is keenly observed with humor and compassion in this new American classic.

An Evening With Satan, David Quicksall and Rachel Glass, 11/16-19/17 (at 18th & Union)
We think we know Satan so well but, actually, his appearance is never described in the Bible.  We view Satan as the root of all evil and blame him for all the bad things that have occurred throughout the ages, but much of the harm, pain, and punishment that occurs in the Bible was perpetrated by God.  Why is Satan so feared, maligned, and misunderstood? David Quicksall  goes on a humorous, historical, outrageous, sometimes irreverent and soul-searching journey to find the Devil!  Live music, multiple characters, movie trivia, chills, thrills, laughs, and flying beards.

The Twilight Zone: Live!, Theater Schmeater, 11/17/17-12/16/17
Traveling through dimensions of sight and sound, The Twilight Zone: Live! combines the nostalgic comforts of cold war paranoia with a deep understanding of the human spirit. We offer four episodes of the CBS classic TV series by creator Rod Serling.

It Will Be Now, Wyrd Sisters Productions, 11/22-26/17 (at 18th & Union)
A pair of evocative and powerful solo plays written and performed by Seattle-based theatre artists Meghan Dolbey and Meme García, featuring Unsex Me Here by Dolbey, which explores the journey of power and the sacrifices women have to make in order to achieve it and House of Sueños by García, a story of the construction and deconstruction of a house of dreams. Both pieces are inspired by the plays of William Shakespeare and grapple with his text in a modern context.

Irving Berlin’s Holiday Inn, The 5th Avenue Theatre, 11/24/17-12/31/17
The exciting addition of Lorna Luft to the talented local cast of this movie favorite makes this a must-see show. Don’t bother to see the movie, just relax and enjoy the stage treat. Jim leaves the bright lights of show business to settle down on a farm in Connecticut—but he finds the simple life is not as simple as he thought. Jim meets Linda, a spirited school teacher with talent to spare. Together, they turn the farmhouse into a fabulous inn with dazzling performances to celebrate each holiday. This magical holiday treat will feature show-stopping dance numbers, lavish sets and costumes from the recent Broadway production and 20 Irving Berlin songs including “White Christmas” and “Easter Parade.”

Howl’s Moving Castle, Book-It Repertory Theatre, 11/29/17-12/30/17 (world premiere)
Book-It Repertory Theatre has never done a full-out musical before, so this is a special event. When Sophie (Sara Porkalob) unwittingly attracts the ire of the Witch of the Waste, she finds herself turned into an old woman. To break the enchantment, she must strike a bargain with a fire demon and seek the help of the frightening sorcerer Howl. The award-winning 1986 novel inspires each of us to trust in our own powers of transformation.

Building the Wall, Azeotrope, 11/29/17-12/23/17 (at 12th Avenue Arts)
Set in the not-so-distant future, Building the Wall, by Robert Schenkkan, lays out in a harrowing drama the consequences of Trump’s anti-immigration campaign rhetoric turned into federal policy. Events unravel, in this dystopian future, that test every American’s strength of character: systemically racist executive actions, a declaration of martial law, and a round-up of millions of illegal aliens, with their incarceration overflowing into private prisons and camps reminiscent of another century. Rick is a former warden awaiting sentencing for a catastrophic event that has happened at a prison facility under his command. Gloria, a Black female historian, has come to seek the truth behind what has happened, and over the course of her interview with him, Rick gradually reveals how the unthinkable became the inevitable, and how the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. (All seating Pay-What-You-Will)

Ham for the Holidays: The Hamchurian Candidate, Tongueinchic Productions and ACT Theatre, 11/30/17-12/17/17
Seattle comedians Lisa Koch and Peggy Platt (aka Dos Fallopia) return to ACT with their wonky, gender-bending holiday sketch revelry.  The long-running cult might always be described as naughty, nutty, and nervy—nothing is sacred in this mishmash of social satire, musical parody, and campy characters.  Platt and Koch deliver a devilishly loony holiday romp.
• Feisty nonagenarians The Matrons of Blues teach elders how to Resist;
• Ballard’s own Polka Dots sing polka faves about waste management;
What the Heck’s a Puget? A game show pits audience members against Seattle celebrities;
• The tiny Sequim Gay Men's Chorus sing with glee;
• Country duo The Spudds present their musical political-thriller, The Music Manchurian Candidate

From The Inappropriate Suitor at Ghost Light Theatricals (Julia Nardin)

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