Monday, November 27, 2017

Zinzanni Still Rocks the Tent in Marymoor

Ms. Ariana Savalas as Madame Zinzanni (Michael Doucett)
Teatro Zinzanni
Marymoor Park
Through April 29, 2018

Teatro Zinzanni has moved, for at least six months, to Marymoor Park. The spiegeltent is set up, the doors are open, and the merriment is ongoing. If you have been to the Seattle location, be reassured that everything is exactly the same as you remember, except the parking is MUCH easier (though a bit pricey at $15/car).

This time, the story encompassing the night’s antics is that a food critic has come to evaluate the menu and the cast is in a tizzy to please her. Madame Zinzanni, an incandescent Ariana Savalas, commands the staff to make Ms. Pleasant’s visit an outstanding one.

Most Madame Zinzannis are outstanding talents, but Savalas brings the usual singing talent, an appropriate imperiousness, and also an amazing whistle! I haven’t heard such beautiful whistling to a song in a very long time! It’s a special treat!
Many “usual suspects” are present. The maĆ®tre d’ is Yevgeniy Voronin, who brings his robot to life (Svetlana) in magical ways, Duo Madrona (Rachel Nehmer and Ben Wendel) swing from the rafters, Elena Gatilova rises on the ring, and Manuela Horn provides comic fodder as an eager, and very tall, staffmember.

Domitil Aillot provides his amazing pole dance, where he holds his entire body weight perpendicular. Joe De Paul manages much of the audience interaction portions as well as providing his famous “King Kong” movie extravaganza with audience help – you might be handed a paper airplane to shoot at the ape!

The meal is satisfying, with bits of interest in using white beans for the soup, winter squash for the salad, and fall-apart beef short ribs as one of the three entrees to choose from. Chef Jason Wilson is the new chef in the tent and is bringing a bit more variety and sauciness to the food.

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Domitil Aillot (Michael Doucett)

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